Using the company chosen, complete the following requirements:

  • Provide a full essay detailing the fraudulent or illegal activities  that were committed. Include background on the company culture as well  as background on the major players in the fraud.
  • Show, through the financial statements, notes, and ratio analysis,  how this fraud could have been detected. The focus this week should be  on effects on revenue and expenses.
  • Make sure to demonstrate effective usage of English grammar and  mechanics. The result should be an APA formatted document, to include a  title page and reference page.

The Online Library is an excellent place to begin your research. You  will need to identify a minimum of 3 sources. Include at least 2  scholarly/academic sources, such as a book or an academic scholarly  journal. Academic scholarly journals can be accessed through the  Rasmussen Online Library. For business sources, ProQuest and EBSCO Host  are helpful.
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