Immigration in Texas

The writing assignment should be a minimum of 600 words. You are allowed to use outside sources as well (such as news articles or government websites). All assignments will be analyzed with SafeAssign to identify possible plagiarism.

1. The following questions need to be addresses:

•How is the population changing in Texas?

•What are some of the possible political implications of the changing population in Texas?

•After reading the “You Decide” passage, do you agree with Dan Patrick or Julian Castro? Should undocumented immigrants be given a pathway to citizenship or be sent back to their country of origin?

•What are the pros and cons of illegal immigration in regards to both the U.S. and Texas economies? Consider how illegal immigrants have positively or negatively affected the economy.

•Do you believe compromise is possible on immigration? Are the only two options deportations and amnesty? Is there a third option?

•What role should the state of Texas play in the immigration policy?

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