impact of hospitalisation for patients and their families experiencing acute or chronic illnesses

Research indicates that the acute hospitalization for management of exacerbations of chronic disease can have various effects on the psychological, emotional and physical well being of the patient and their family. It is important as a nurse to understand these influences that can be experienced by the patient and their family and implement appropriate coping strategies to support patient and their family cope during this stressful period.

Tasks and Instructions:

  • Write an academic essay where you critically examine the impact of hospitalisation on a patient and/or their family, who is experiencing an acute exacerbation of their chronic illness.
  • Ensure that you access the right assignment as determined by your cohort (Cohort A or Cohort B)
  • Select only one scenario provided in your allocated cohort group
  • The impact for both the patient and family have been provided for you.

In your discussion:

Choose 1 impact on your patient and 1 impact on the family

  1.  Provide a detailed and comprehensive explanation on how hospitalisation can impact the patient and the famil
  2. Suggest a coping strategy or strategies (could be 1 or 2) for each effect that could support a more positive experience. The number of provided strategies is not a focus but rather, a well justified and developed arguments validated by current academic sources to support your discussion is expected


Impact of hospitalisation on a teenager and their family

Liam is a 16-year-old male diagnosed with chronic anxiety. He has agreed to a period of hospitalisation to adjust his medications and counselling as his symptoms have recently exacerbated. Liam lives with his mother and stepfather and stepbrother Chris who is 8 years old. He regularly attends counselling at his secondary school and has a solid support network developed amongst his friends. He no longer sees his biological father.

Impacts on a patient (LIAM)

Changes in eating, sleeping and activity, Worried what others think, Separation from peers, Powerlessness, Conflict and power struggles, Stress, Inability to function.

Impacts on family

Hopelessness, Guilt, anxiety, Stress to family relationships, Difficulty understanding the treatment and outcomes


Impact of hospitalisation on a young adult and their family.

Jenny is 34-year female who has Multiple Sclerosis. She has been admitted into hospital as she is currently experiencing a relapse in her symptoms and requires administration of high dose parenteral steroids. Jenny lives with her partner Grace and their 2 daughters, 13-year-old Mia and 9-year-old Claire. Jenny normally works at home part time during school hours. Grace holds a position as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria working shift work. Jenny is the primary carer for their children and undertakes the shopping and meal preparation for the family.

Impacts on patient (JENNY)

Scared of the unknown, Guilt for not managing her disease, Worry about the family,
Financial impact, Long term prognosis and outcomes., Anger

Impacts on family

Changes in family roles and responsibility, Financial pressures, anxiety in children, fear of losing their mother. Long term impact of the disease on family, Compromised family coping