Informative report (memo)

You will write an informative report in the form of a memo for the mayor. This is a basic report (informal in complexity, formal in tone), and its purpose is informative, not analytical (so discussion and analysis only, no recommendations). You can share complete information with the mayor.

Your report will include:

  • a brief background on the client and the history of your professional relationship
  • a model problem statement
  • a detailed discussion/analysis on how the client can update his home in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way while maintaining the home’s structural/architectural integrity
  • a description on the next step in the consultation process
  • a sincere statement of goodwill, thanking the mayor for her interest

You are only including information that relates to your area of expertise, as discussed in the report workshop in class.

Please include at least three in-text references from different sources to lend your report credibility and appropriate headings to enable easy navigation.

Your report will follow the guidelines for memo format and use our corporate ID (single-spacing, Times New Roman 12 pt., left-aligned, no paragraph indentation, one blank line separating paragraphs), and it will be between one and a half and two pages long (including the memo header).

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