Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies

Your exam is due on Thursday August 1 @ 9am. Please upload your exam to Moodle via the Turnitin link posted.
There are two parts to this exam, totaling 50 marks. Please answer in full sentences. Please include both parts in the same document.
Word Count: There is a strict word limit for both parts of the exam. To enforce this we ask that you MUST include a word count at the end of each of your answers. For each 25 words over the limit your answer will be deducted 5%. If you do not include the word count or your word count is wrong you will also lose 5%. So please, just stick to the limit.
Citations: In text citation is required. This should include the author’s last name and the page number (MLA style). These citations are included in the word count. Please also include a bibliography page, which is not counted in the word count.
Part I Essay (40 marks) Maximum word count: 1000 words.
Please answer one of the following questions in essay format. Your answer should include an introduction, thesis, evidence and examples from the course to support your thesis, and a brief conclusion.
1. What are some specific intersectional features of the ways that masculinity and femininity are socially constructed and institutionally reproduced that contributes to sexual violence? To answer this question, please draw on Jackson Katz and Jeremy Earp “It’s the Masculinity, Stupid!,” Jane Doe “The Ultimate Rape Victim,” and The Mask You Live in. What solutions would you suggest to help break the link between masculinity and violence and reduce the negative impact of ‘toxic’ masculinity on people of all genders?
2. During the second half of the course we looked at several examples of how neoliberalism and global economic restructuring are hurting the most vulnerable people globally. Drawing on The True Cost, Corinne L. Mason’s “Transnational Feminism” and STITCH and the Maquila Solidarity Network “Women Behind the Labels: Worker Testimonies from Central America”, explain how global economic restructuring impacts women globally. What social changes can you suggest to economically improve the lives of women in Canada and globally?
Part II Concepts (10 marks/ 5 marks each) Maximum word count: 250 words each
Please answer both of the following concepts. For each concept, first define the concept in your own words. Second, give an example from an assigned course reading, and use the
example to illustrate the significance of the concept in understanding gender inequality in our society.
1. Transphobia
2. The social model of disability
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