Is racism on the rise in America for the last 10 years?

This is a time for you to participate in the debates taking place around major events that affect most of the world. Critiquing an author, text, or idea is also a great way to engage with the course’s major themes. You may also reflect on the theme and ask how it affects, or if it affects your daily lives. The paper should have three major parts:

1) A major thesis statement or question that is to be presented in the paper

2) A set of 2-3 themes or questions that will help you address your thesis statement

3) Your own original perspective and/or take on the major themes discussed in the paper.

4) Engage with the text by including quotes and information directly from the article, book chapter, video clip, etc.

The papers will be graded in the following way:

• Clarity of thesis statement and or major question you expect to investigate. Does the paper clearly explain the main points it will be addressing?

• Organization of the paper. How well does the paper read? Are your thoughts clearly stated and organized?

• Does the paper include details and examples of material discussed in class and additional material to support your argument?

• Creativity. How creative are you in presenting your main ideas?

• Grammar and correctness