Key innovations and developments that had occurred in urban planning

The purpose of this assessment task is to give you an opportunity to engage with the course material presented in the lectures and tutorial readings. This ten-week long diary will become a chronical of key innovations and developments that had occurred in urban planning thought and practice over a 2000 year period.

It is to be based on the lecture slides and/or the prescribed tutorial reading(s) starting in week 2 of the semester and finishing in week 11 of the semester. It is to be submitted at the end of the semester on Sunday 27th October 2019 (see due dates for further details of time and mode of submission).

It is recommended that it be done on a weekly basis with entries that must not be more than 200 words per week. The diary entries must address themselves to the following:

Identified an important urban planning concept, practice or development;
Describe what it was; and
Suggest why it was an important feature of its specific time-period;
All sources used need to be text referenced back to either course lecture notes, tutorial readings or other academic secondary sources used.
Weekly diary entries can be illustrated with the use of diagrams, photos, maps or even images.

The completed weekly lecture-tutorial diary can conform to a report-style format where the diary commences with a short introductory paragraph, weekly entries and finishes with a reflective concluding paragraph that pulls together what you have learnt from the preceding 10 weeks of urban planning history.

Each of the weekly entries can be distinguished using sub-headings that correspond to the weekly lecture and tutorial titles (see page 9 of this course guide).

Marking Criteria

Each weekly entry is worth a maximum of 3%. A further 5% will be allocated to introductory and concluding paragraphs (total of 35%)

It must also contain a bibliography that lists all sources used to compile the diary (ie. lecture slides, tutorial readings and any other secondary academic sources).

Total word length must not exceed 2,500 (ie. excluding the bibliography)

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