Develop a three to five-page paper excluding references using one of the following topics or issues.  Use five to ten peer reviewed or reputable references to support your paper.  Wikipedia references will not be accepted.   Here are the paper options   According to Robert Wood Foundation, Medicaid paid 62.3 percent of the total U.S. cost of long-term care in 2011, or $131.4 billion. From this statistics, it is clear Medicaid paid disproportionate share of long-term care.  What alternate sources of funding for LTC care?  You can propose new sources.  Given the sensitivity of living wills and advanced directives, should health care facilities continue to be forced to discuss them with patients? Or should patients be required (subject to exceptions) to have it prepared before ever getting hospitalized or resident in health care facilities? Baby boomers and the generations after them are more educated and technologically more savvy, and economically well off than the generations before them. Is the current LTC model sufficient to take care of them or should LTC redefine itself to accommodate the needs of them?  There is no right or wrong answer, just take a position and convincingly support your views. Is Long-term Care Insurance worth it? Given the cost of premium and sometimes limited benefits over limited time, is the assurance work it or should there be LTC care payroll deduction just like Medicare over an adult working life? Is the quality of care in LTC associated with low resources and low staffs pay?

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