Manage compliance with international legal and ethical obligations

Australian Company
Name:             Ozzie Fine Furniture Pty Ltd

Owners:         Mr Graeme Pal  &  Miss Alana Texas
Structure:      Privately owned business
Operation:     They started their business 20 years ago, they have built their business into one of
                        the largest wholesalers and distributers in the Australian domestic and office furniture
                        sector. (Local within Australia only)Graeme and Alana have been investigating potential new overseas manufacturers and suppliers to start importing into Australia for their local sales. During their investigations they discovered two potential new overseas suppliers that may assist in their future growth, both of these suppliers are also the manufacturers of the furniture.

(1)..  A new potential supplier in Indonesia. 

(2)..  A new potential supplier in Bangladesh.

Graeme and Alana have never been involved in import before and will require assistance with requirements to plan for before they make their final decision of if they will go ahead.

Your role:       You have just started to work at Ozzie Fine Furniture Pty Ltd as their compliance manager for this fictional business as outlined in the scope of this assignment.

The owners advised you that they are facing increased competition in the Australian domestic furniture market. Up until this point, Ozzie Fine Furniture Pty Ltd had been buying their stock furniture from Australian manufacturers. However, their competitors have been pushing their prices lower and lower due to importing the furniture cheaper and they have realised that they must start to source furniture from overseas.

New Potential Suppliers:

They have found that there is a manufacturer in a second-tier city in Indonesia that offers exceptionally low prices for hardwood furniture – including dining tables and other domestic furniture. They would like some guidance of what they will need for compliance when importing into Australia. They also would like your thoughts about why the furniture might be so cheap as it seems a little strange to them as they know that generally hardwood timber is high cost. Graeme and Alana first thought that perhaps is due to lower costs of labour in the market however would also like your opinion if there might be any other issues that might be of concern or to be careful of.

At the same time, they discovered a manufacturer of office furniture in Bangladesh. They feel this is also an excellent opportunity to source some very cheap goods and sell them into the Australian office market. As the same as Indonesia they would like assistance with any requirements and concerns.

Your task as the new compliance manager:

As your first task in this role, you are to;

·         prepare a report on the current compliance requirements relating to the two new above opportunities, including,

·         requirements,

·         responsibilities and/or,

·         any concerns and potential solutions.

You are to complete a report to management (to include):

w  detailing the compliance requirements of the business for the imports into Australia
 (including legislation acts to refer to)

w  any concerns or potential non-compliance activities,  (including ethical/legal issues)

w  any likely consequences of noncompliance, (including examples)

w  stakeholders/organisations/policies that could assist and advise of the compliance and issues, and

w  a summary of procedures and protocols for reporting non-compliance

As Graeme and Alana are not experienced in import your report needs to be easy to follow to understand. The above case has two separate potential new suppliers and you may show the potential of two different groups of issues that they need to be alerted to.  (Please section your report to detail these separate opportunities clearly) 

The report should be no more than 1000 words.

Conditions for assessment
Your report should outline specific compliance requirements of the business and should refer to any relevant legislation or other international obligations.

You are to structure your report in such a way that it outlines:
• The specific compliance requirements of the business with regard to legal and ethical obligations.

• Any non-compliant behaviours, or practices which are likely to lead to non-compliant behaviours

• The consequences for the business, directors or employees of any non-compliant behaviour

• Whether there are any obligations to report any non-compliant behaviour

In order to be deemed competent for this assessment you must demonstrate:

• The ability to assess international business compliance requirements and review non-compliant    
   international business practices

• The ability to prepare reports and correspondence containing information that is impartial, validated,
   accurate and complete.

• The ability to research, read, interpret and communicate legislation, regulations, policies, procedures

   and guidelines.

• Knowledge of international legal and ethical obligations, the consequences of noncompliance, and
  procedures and protocols for reporting non-compliance

The above represents an overall summary of the requirements.


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