Part 1 (3 pts)

List the 4 products in order from most likely to least likely to be commercially successful (not how fast they are likely to diffuse.)  For each product include 1-3 sub-bullets with data from the case supporting your assessment.

Part 2 (7 pts)

Now, connect the QUESTIONS/PROBLEMS/ISSUES of the case to a another business experiencing a similar issue. Find an article in a business publication (Financial Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, etc.) describing a new product that was either very successful or a big failure. Number each of your answers to the following questions.

      1. (3 pts) Identify the product and briefly summarize the the article
      2. (3 pts) Describe how the new product introduction was similar to the case
      3. (1 pt)  Include a link to the article (or provide a standard reference if it is not available as a digital publication)