Marketing case study

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1. What is the unique value proposition of Stubhub?  Peruse the digital ticket kiosk as your make assessment.

2. Think:  What type of consumer represents the core Stubhub buyer?  Give detail by making some marketing guesses:  age, ethnicity, lifestyle, income, loyalties, level of education, , etc.

3. Examine the difference, if at all, of how consumers interact with 1) each other and 2) store personnel (though interaction is limited!)

4. Just as you did in your prior research document, create a SWOT analysis for Stubhub.  You must list 2 elements under each category:

5. Think of Stubhub’s key resources.  Which key resources can it use to address 1 of your observed weaknesses and 1 of your observed threats?

!Each response has to be more than 50 words

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