Class is International Relations. Please read instructions carefully, this paper is very specific. 850 words max paper on the following topic: “On 3/2019, Pres.Trump planned to cut half of the funding to Central American countries given by Obama (a total of $500m)— making an additional $185 contingent on these countries taking steps to reduce migration — and this month, it decreased the amount it sought to cut by $150 million of the original budget.In light of ongoing debates, and write a memo to the US President explaining the costs and benefits of using foreign aid to advance US interests in El Salvador as compared to other tools, and propose a policy recommendation.”

Format of the paper is Times new roman 12 pt, double spaced. The sections should be as follows:

-Intro (it’s a summary of problem, analysis, and recommendation no larger than 1 paragraph)

-Background (review of the policy problem at hand, your country’s policy responses in recent years, and why the issue affects the national interest of your country. Concise – just hit the high notes and get to the current state of play.)

-Analysis (range, sequence, and outcome of proposed policy recommendations. pros and cons. Please have 3 policy recommendations)

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