1. As head of the occupational health and safety committee at your workplace, you are concerned about the practice of stocking employee kitchenettes with free coffee and cookies. Lately you have begun to notice that harried employees are routinely skip lunch and instead grab handfuls of cookies to eat at their desks. While you understand the necessity for these makeshift meals, you feel that there is room in the budget to provide healthier alternatives to these high-fat, carbohydrate-laden snacks. In fact, the health and safety committee voted with you in favour of such a motion at a recent meeting, but you anticipate a high level of resistance from the employees for whom the cookies are a dietary staple. Write a memo to all staff announcing that, effective next month, kitchenettes will be stocked with a selection of fresh fruits, whole-grain snacks, and spring water instead of the usual coffee and cookies. Consider which approach would be best appropriate.


Write a memorandum to employees, in correct format and style, maximum one-page in length.

Word-process all written work. Business documents should be single-spaced, flush with the left margin (i.e., no tabs), with one blank line between paragraphs. You should use Times New Roman 12, Arial 10, Calibri 11, or a similar font.

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