Mental health

A comprehensive mental health assessment in mental health social work incorporates a number of elements. Please identify and discuss the various elements and potential challenges of conducting a mental health assessment. The textbook, Bland, Renouf & Tullgren (2015). Social Work Practice in Mental Health, 2nd ed, Chapter 6: Assessment for social work practice, pp.145ff, provides a helpful outline as to how to conduct an assessment. Mention the benefits of developing a relationship with the service user but also the potential impact of the legal aspects of working as a mental health social worker.

Write this assignment as an essay. Add a brief introduction at the beginning (of approximately 150-200 words). Then will come the Body of the essay. Feel free to use sub-headings for the different components of this. A conclusion at the end (of approximately 250 words) will summarise the key points from the essay. Use a minimum of 5 references. If you include more references, this will improve your grade because it will show a greater depth of reading.

Please submit this assignment as a Word document (not a pdf)
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