Museum paper / Compare Contrast

Since museums are not open, here are ways to explore collections.

The Art Institute of Chicago
AIC virtual tours
The Milwaukee Art Museum
MAM virtual tours

Directions for your paper (definition of a paper ” a written original work discussing a topic in detail, usually several typed pages in length, and is often due at the end of a semester.”)

An outline for this paper must be submitted prior to the completion of this paper. There will be a 10% reduction in the final grade for not submitting a finished outline.

Four pages, double spaced. Use citations, follow MLA format

1. Explore the above collections.
2. Choose a time period (or a specific discipline/media)
3. Choose two different artists. Choose two works by each artist. (Four works in total.)

4. Write your paper based on a compare and contrast of the works and the artists. Compare and contrast the two works by the same artist as well as the two artists’ works against each other.

5. You can provide some background for the time period, artists, and works. Please do not write a biography or research paper. This paper is about what you see in the art work. Use the vocabulary we have learned in the course. Talk about what the work looks like, the medium, methods, and techniques.

***This paper must demonstrate understanding of: Visual Literacy, Formal Elements, Media, and Historical Context. Utilize the vocabulary. Include a thoughtful and personal experience with these works.

6. Note on your paper how you chose the period and artists- if it was from a museum online database or tour please name the museum. You could also look ahead in the book to find a historical period that interests you and do some internet “research” to find more information on artists and art works from the period. Use your critical thinking skills.