National safety commission-case scenario

Case Scenario

Natalia is a 66 year old Spanish woman living in rural Victoria in the township of Warracknabeal.  She has a history of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, non-insulin dependent and unstable angina.  Her GP is concerned that she does not understand her risk.

Natalia complains that she frequently experiences chest pain for various reasons & experiences increased pain when under stress.  The pain is described as squeezing, pressure heaviness on the chest.  Angina symptom happen when she exerts herself, walks uphill , after a heavy meal and feeling cold. It lasts a short time, less than 5mins, after rest of use of medication.

She is overweight. Her cholesterol level was high and was also checked 5 weeks ago.

Details of task: Its vital that nurses working in Australia can apply their understanding of the culture & health needs within communities to care planning. Nurses need to have understanding of the Australian health care system. Can apply the ethical, legal & frameworks in the scope of practice and decision-making of nurses in Australia.

Consists of 3 parts A. Safety , part B . Regulation, part C Legal & ethical aspects of care

Criteria mark: 1. title & introduction, 2. body of the paper – evidence based , accurate & reflective 3 conclusion – strong concise summary 4. Referencing – in-text citations , correct formatting.

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