Please read the Bristol CC case study on page 2 and address the following tasks:

Analyse the case and address the following questions concerning planning and preparation for your meeting with Frankie. There is a maximum word limit of 500 words.

  • Outline your plan for the meeting (e.g. identifying the key areas to be addressed; what background information may be needed? What negotiation tactics will you employ and why? What options will you have in terms of bargaining power?)
  • Describe the specific skills you will need to employ during the meeting.

Please include the following title in the heading of your task to indicate that you have completed the alternative assignment: ‘ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Negotiating skills.’

Refer to the slides from Workshop 7 and the relevant readings for details of the conceptual frameworks and the academic literature that may be appropriate for your analysis.


Draw on relevant conceptual frameworks and theory from the lectures as well as your own study to support your analysis.

Use UWE Harvard Referencing within the work and include a Reference List (not included in the word count)

Marking criteria

Identification of key areas of negotiation Quality of plan for negotiation interview Integration of theory with analysis of case

Quality of writing and good academic practice.

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