Nursing care priorities

Mrs Deborah Scott is a 65-year old woman admitted to the Public hospital. She was brought to the Emergency Department (ED) after been found by her husband lying on her bedroom floor.

This is Deborah’s third admission to the hospital with a fall in last six months. She lives with her husband and her pet Dog. The chest x-ray is suggestive of broken ribs and injuries to the chest wall. She has a history of type II diabetes – insulin dependent; hypertension; osteoarthritis and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She is prescribed Panadol Osteo, Atenolol, telmisartan, spironolactone, Vitamin D, Ventolin, Novolin 70/30, Metformin; Symbicort Deborah is transferred to the medical ward admitted under Dr Peter Thai, general physician. You are the Registered Nurse looking after Deborah in the medical ward, identify the first two nursing priorities within the scenario. Provide a critical analysis and justification of the care priorities using appropriate literature support.

Read carefully the case study above and address the associated following points.

  1. You need to list all the care priorities from this scenario and present a comprehensive discussion and justification identifying the first two nursing care priorities within a clinical scenario using the Levitt-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle.
  2. Students are required to provide critical analysis and justification of the care priorities using appropriate literature support.

General instructions for the assessment

  • The case study word limit is 1500 (plus or minus 10%). All words are calculated towards the word limit except for the cover page, title page, direct quotes, and in-text references. If you write less or more than this, penalties will apply.
  • The case study must be presented in accordance with this assessment guidelines. Students can submit their written paper to Turnitin at any time during the course but no later than the assessment submission deadline.
  • If student wish to apply for an extension, they can apply 2 days prior to the due date in writing, using the correct IHM form for requesting extensions, stating the grounds for the extension request and any evidence to support the extension (e.g. medical certificate).
  • Students required to use the APA referencing system and select >10 refereed articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic.
  • All articles must be ≤ 7years old.
  • Weighting 15%

Please use Canvas to submit your assessment for marking and check for plagiarism before making a final submission.