This assignment will assess the following standards:

1.3 Connectedness of concepts

Core skills

Explain how physics concepts are related to each other

Proficiency indicators

1.3.1 Draw a concept map showing connections between physics concepts

1.3.2 Verbally (written or orally) explain concept map showing connections between physics concepts

1.3.3 Use index cards to organize ideas

1.3.4 Explain connections between physics concepts and real-world situations

There are four parts:

– Organizing your index cards

– Making a concept map

– Explaining the concept map

– Application of concepts

We have covered a lot of material this semester, but when you see the underlying connections, it can feel less overwhelming, and you will be able to make better use of what you have learned in the future. This assignment will guide you through organizing your thoughts. This is a messy process. Parts 1 through 3 will probably be a bit messy, but that’s okay. I want to see you working to make connections.
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