political science

United State Supreme Court Case Study


  • You are to select a U.S. Supreme Court case which was decided on in the last two sessions (October 2018-Present).
  • Study and analyze the case. What happened? Where did it originate? Who was involved? How and why did it reach the U.S. Supreme Court?
  • How was the case decided? How did each of the nine justices decide?
  • Decide if political ideology may have played a role in how the justices ruled.
  • Finally, include your opinion on the case. Why did you choose this particular case?       How do you feel about the decision the court made? Are you in favor or against the decision? Do you think it was fair? How would you have decided? Feel free to elaborate.
  • The case study must be at least 3 pages in length. The case study must be typed (12 pt font), double-spaced, and must include a citations page (not included in the three page minimum).

Suggested web sites:


www.supremecourtus.gov (Links to an external site.)

www.findlaw.com (Links to an external site.)


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