Possibility and issues of home ownership report

The report should include the following: * History of the issue * Key Stakeholders and their issues – positive and negative * Current positioning of the issue * Analysis of the issue * Tools to assist in addressing the issue * Strategies for change to address the issue. APA 6th (e,d) and other referencing accurately cited. How to write up the report: * History – 1000 words – literature review X 10 references – at 100 words per reading. This review will write to the history of the issue – ( What key messages are the writers saying about the issue?) * Key Stakeholders and their issues – positive and negative – 600 words – Negative and positive influences (from communities, government, local businesses, education, health etc) * Current Positioning of the issue – 400 words – Nationally and locally. * Analysis – 400 words – Identify other issues that have evolved from the main issue. * Tools – 400 words – What tools do government, Social Work Registration Board and Social Work Education offer? * Strategies (will be the conclusion of the report) – 200 words – Name 2 strategies you believe will address ( support) the issue and explain why. Total Word Count 3000 with 10 APA References