Project on North America

group “time capsule” project.

As part of an overall mission to preserve knowledge of all spheres of life—public, private, technological, spiritual, and social—we have been asked by the Intergalactic Council on Knowledge (ICK) to put together a Gender Time Capsule. The capsule will be hermetically sealed and put in the Vaults of Knowledge for the Future Archives. It will be opened in the year 2068. The mission statement transported to us from ICK reads as follows:

Select no fewer than 10 and no more than 15 symbols to represent North American attitudes, beliefs, and actions associated with gender in 2018. The symbols should give as full as possible an understanding of contemporary norms, attitudes, and issues about gender in this age. It should give future people a human, personal understanding of contemporary thoughts, feelings, norms, etc. about gender—a kind of knowledge that differs from and complements what might be recorded in formal descriptions and technical summaries of gender in the present time.

Among to items, your group should select at least two items to represent current controversies or issues about gender, communication, and culture discussed in Gendered Lives and predict how it will be resolved (or if it will) by 2068.

In responding to ICK’s directive, it may be helpful to imagine what you would find in a gender time capsule from 50 years ago, or better yet, what you as a citizen of this time who is interested in gender issues would LIKE to know about the issues, attitudes, norms, and behaviors associated with gender five decades ago.

To create the capsule, you will be divided into research teams. Each team will should discuss ideas for the gender time capsule. Each team will submit a maximum of 15 items, but no less than 10 items. Along with each item, each team should submit a one-page description for each item, its relevance to the time period, and why your group selected it for inclusion in the capsule. Be brief, but point to a specific piece of literature that best describes the importance for the inclusion of each item. When complete, your team should have at least a 10-page paper (double-spaced, 12pt font, 1″ margins) to upload to Blackboard.
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