Psychological activities

In a Word document, try to identify and record some things that you do which are intended to satisfy needs at each of the levels of Maslow’s need  hierarchy (presented below). To get full credit you must thoroughly describe what you do at each level and why you think that activity satisfies that particular need.  Be sure to use real life examples that are different from those presented in the text.

• Physiological needs
• Safety needs
• Belonging and love needs
• Esteem needs
• Cognitive needs
• Aesthetic needs
• Need for self-actualization

After describing the activities that you engage in at each level, write a paragraph discussing the level that you feel takes up most of your time and energy at the present time.  In other words, at what level do you find yourself functioning most of the time?  Explain what you do at that level and why it is keeping you occupied at present.

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