Real world research report

Group Research Report and Presentation Group Research Report: Every team is required to select a REAL-WORLD company to conduct research. The goal of this exercise is to identify a problem that the company faces and provide the firm a recommendation of strategic actions so that the firm can improve its performance. You are expected to employ the tools we discuss in this course to analyze and support your analyses and recommendation (e.g., the five-force model, VRIS framework, SWOT analysis, business level/corporate level strategies, etc.) The preferred option for choosing your company is to select a company from a list provided by the instructor. You can also make your own choice which requires approval of the instructor. 6 In your group research report including the cover page, you need to follow the following format: Your group case report must not be more than 6 pages excluding cover page and appendices. You must include a cover page which clearly identifies your names, group number/name, and section number. All exhibit and graphs must be placed in the appendix. Page/word limit is not applied to title page, tables, figures, appendices and references; 2 line spacing; Times New Roman 12-point font; 1-inch margin all around (i.e., top- bottom-, left- and right-hand margins); Use 8.5 x 11 paper; Use page numbers; Insert footnotes and proper citations (APA format) where necessary. You will lose 5% of the assignment grade for violating any of the

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