Setting priorities

Yuan Chang works as a systems analyst and reports to Dianne Bradwell. He was given a major project two months ago; it is due next month. Recently Ms. Bradwell’s workload increased dramatically as a result of the installation of a new computer system. She calls Yuan to troubleshoot problems with the system. Because these problems affect employees’ work production, Yuan must handle them promptly. Yuan was planning to take a two-week vacation. However, he is behind on the project and has only four weeks left to finish it. Yuan feels burned out due to his heavy workload. He tries to work on the project every day, but Ms. Bradwell’s calls keep him busy. Yuan has not told her that he is behind on the project. For the last two weeks, Yuan has been bringing a sandwich from home so he can work through lunch. He also stays late, working until at least 6 p.m. each day.

  • Describe what may result if Yuan continues to handle his situation as he currently is. How can Yuan manage his time more effectively? Does Yuan need to talk to his supervisor about the situation? If so, what should he say? (Learning Objective 2 and 3)