Remote learning during Covid -19 pandemic

My topic for the whole 5 essay paper is “Remote Learning during Covid-19 pandemic”

First essay- Interview analysis- for my case i had to interview one of my classmates and you helped me do it and this paper needs revision and adjusted accordingly which i will attach the one you did with sample

  1. Second Essay-Ethnography paper which I did and got an “A” so you don’t have to do it. I will attach the paper so u can see how the professor graded
  2. Third essay-Digital ethnography- It is basically asking to write about the one digital medium like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram that has covered the news article relating to Remote learning during Covid-19 I will attach the sample for this paper tomorrow of different topic so you can revise my paper and make correction.

4.Forth essay- Survey Paper-For this paper I did survey on Remote learning during Covid-19 among various group of people and found the result. The paper must elaborate on this. I will attach the sample paper also and the survey information.

5.Fifth essay- Final Paper-This is the one you have to do complete from beginning to end as a fresh paper. This paper accumulates information from previous paper and focuses on the main topic. You can see how the sample paper is.