Research report on markets and exports destination

Accessing the Potentiality of South Africa Market as an Export Destination of UAE Product Exporters -Please note that i am redoing this research if you can not do a good job do not propose to work 2- Business Research Background: UAE ministry of the economy have Identified countries to focus on exports from the UAE and would want to identify what support is required for firms to operate in SA This research will help the UAE exporter understand South African Market and identify the potential threats and so on. – the proposal is provided but the data collection needed currently is secondary mainly. – Report addressing research project objectives: 5000-8000 words, excluding illustrations (tables, charts, graphs) and appendices. – Reflection report: No more than 1000 words, excluding appendices. (idea for this report is provided) Draft is requier halfway. Harverd Referacing. I am attaching the following: 1- outline on the structure and marking criteria 2-Proposal with comments ( you need to look carefully at the comments) 3-important points and reading links essential to read carefully and follow. 4-Reflection Thoughts for the reflection report 5- for referanceAssessment_of_South_Africa_as_a_stragegic_Market_and_candidate_for_OTO