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The Social Mirror Assignment


  1. Explain the meaning of social mirror. Next, apply to yourself and explore what others would say about you that is generally positive.




  1. Explain the Johari Window and consider what qualities or behaviors lie within your “Blind” area. What “constructive suggestions” would others offer to help you improve or change?




  1. Explain the meaning of personality and its relationship with interpersonal communication. What do you most like about yourself and how does it help you communicate with others?




  1. Explain self-analysis and examine what you most dislike in yourself and would like to change.




  1. Explain self-awareness and examine beliefs that you have about yourself that limit you.




  1. Elaborate on how these beliefs might have been created or influenced by your social mirror.




  1. Since it is possible – perhaps even likely – that these weaknesses or limitations are more imagined than real, what could you do to turn them into strengths?




  1. Explain the meaning and significance of self-disclosure. Next, write about who could help you make these changes or give you feedback about your progress and how that might benefit you in the future.




  1. Think back on the questions and identify a few that were more difficult to complete than others. Explain why.




  1. What did you learn about yourself in this exercise?




(remember that you should cite your textbook and locate additional scholarly sources to demonstrate knowledge gained).
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