Social work

  1. You are a youth worker who was just assigned a new case. The person you are meeting is 16 year-old boy who is not in school and lives with his friends. He was referred to your agency by the police for some minor offences and for being at risk to become homeless. You meet him at the agency and find him to be pleasant, friendly and easy to engage. He knows that he got in some trouble with the police but he does not think it is anything serious because they told him that all he needs to do is come talk to you. He has no interest in school or TAFE because he does not think he needs education to do what he loves. He dreams of becoming a famous actor and just trying to figure out how to get noticed by the filming industry. He has no contact with his parents since he left home – he says that they never really cared for him or what he does. He is interested in your agency and what support they can offer but he does not see a problem with his life that needs any fixing
  1. You are working with a young couple who have recently both lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 related businesses shut down. They are still new to the country and unaware of what kind of support they may be eligible for. The man feels that it is not appropriate for them to apply for financial aid because they are both young, healthy and have good education. He feels that Centrelink should be only for people who may be sick or dealing with disabilities. This new situation is causing a lot of stress for them and their relationship. They have started to argue and cannot agree on anything. They have no family support in the country and no close friends as they are still settling in their new immigrant status.
  2. You are part of the school Wellbeing team. One of the teachers refers to you for counselling a young 12 year old girl. She has always been a quiet student but lately her teacher has noticed that she is not talking to any of her classmates, spends most of her free time by herself and eating lunch alone. She has been an average student but lately she stopped doing her homework projects or just brings in her work half-way done. During your first meeting she tells you that there is nothing much going on in her life. She just does not see a point in making friends or doing her work because she will be leaving this school in couple months. She feels upset with her parents for making family decisions without her input. They told her last year that this will be her primary school until she graduates and goes onto High school in town, but now they are moving her again to another state. She tells you that they do not care what she wants or needs and only care for their jobs.