1. In an essay, describe the differences that distinguish high-income nations, middle-income nations, and low-income nations. Consider population size, land area, typical patterns of work, urban and rural residence, gender equality, and the extent of poverty.
2. Explain W. W. Rostow’s modernization theory, noting its four stages. Explain the history of the United States in these terms, being as specific as you can about when this country entered each stage of development. What are criticisms of modernization theory?
3. Describe the trend in global inequality over the course of the last century. Is the world getting richer or poorer? Is inequality getting greater or smaller? Based on where we have been and where we are now, predict where the world may be a century from now. What prediction would modernization theory support? What about dependency theory? What do you think will happen? Why?
4. Boswell and Spade investigated fraternity culture on one campus with respect to sexual mores. In a well-written essay, summarize their findings. What factors contributed to the variance they found among fraternities with regard to the treatment of women? What would contribute to a safer and more conducive campus atmosphere? What questions are raised by their findings? Be specific.
5. Mark Colvin writes of his experiences during a (famous) prison riot at the Penitentiary of New Mexico. His study emphasizes that the riot was the result of several social factors. In a well-written essay, discuss these various factors and weigh the potential importance of each with regard to the outcome. What might be done to prevent such episodes?

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