1. What is your overall thesis?


  1. Please identify the theories that you have read (thus far) and make few suggestions as to how you would apply them


  1. Try to identify the Naturfact and the original effect(s) that began the evolution of your artifact


  1. Try to put a boundary on what period of the artifact’s existence you will study. For example:


  1. In the contraceptive pill paper, she mentioned the existence of traditional knowledge for contraception, but her paper was on the development of the pill that we know today – a pharmaceutical rather than a “natural” product.
  2. In the case of the tennis racket, there were rackets before the tennis racket, but to create a boundary would say it begins when the sport/leisure we know as tennis arose.
  3. For the piano, you would define the piano as arising when it spun-off from the harpsicord.


  1. Develop an effective chronology that will structure your paper. What are some of things that occurred during this period and the problems?  So, in the case of the eyeglasses the transition away from glass to plastic seems very important.  There are likely others.  These are your sections.


  1. You will be graded upon the structure, thoroughness, and depth of thinking about how you will go about producing an organized, high-quality paper.


  1. What figures and diagrams are you thinking about including?