Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets).
Introductions the overall question you have been asked to address in your own words. Be sure you capture the key elements of the question, using language that a non-technical audience can understand.B.Assess the collected data. Use this section to layout the source, parameters, and any limitations of your data. Specifically, you should:1.Describe the key features of your data set. Be sure to assess how these features affect your analysis.2.Analyze the limitations of the data set you were provided and how those limitations might affect your findings. Justify your response.C.Process: Propose how you will go about answering the question you were asked to address based on the data set provided.II.Data Analysis A.Graphs: In this section, you will use graphical displays to examine the data.1.Create at least one graph that gives a sense of the potential relationship between the two variables that form your chosen question. Include the graph and discuss why you selected it as opposed to others.B.Conduct three (3) different and appropriate statistical test to answer your question.C.Explain why this test is the best choice in this context.D.Analysis of Bio statistics: Use this section to describe your findings from a statistical standpoint. Be sure to:1.Present key bio statistics from the graph(s) and statistical tests and explain what they mean. You can include a spreadsheet showing your work or a copy of your StatCrunch output as an appendix.2.What statistical inferences or conclusions can you draw based on the results of your statistical test and graph? Justify your response.III.Conclusions and Recommendations.How do the findings help answer your overall question? Remember to use brief, non-technical language to ensure audience understanding.B.Recommend areas for further research based on your findings. Remember to use brief, non-technical language to ensure audience understanding.
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