The London Commissioning Support Unit (LCSU) has collected data concerning continuing care (CC)
services across 26 of the 31 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in London. CC is long-term care
(whole or in part NHS funded) provided either at home or in residential/nursing homes (placement)
for those patients that require any of the following categories of care (care groups):
Functional mental health (FMH)
Learning disability (LD)
Organic mental health (OMH)
Palliative care (PC)
Physically disabled adult (PDA)
Physically frail (PF)
Aware of your expertise in data analysis, LCSU has contacted you to undertake the analysis of the data
[file LCSU_CC_Data.csv]. In particular they would like you to answer the questions below. For each
question, indicate what assumptions you have made. For questions 2-10, justify why you choose a
particular approach (graph, hypothesis test, etc.), and summarise your result in plain English (no more
than 2-3 lines).
1. Describe how you prepared and cleaned the data. What assumptions have you made to do this?
2. Produce suitable charts to compare:
a) Split between provision types (home vs Placement) across CCGs
b) Variations in care groups across CCGs
3. Derive age at admission and calculate mean, min, max and median age at admission overall,
overall per care group, overall per provision type. Also calculate this for each CCG.
4. Produce box plots to compare age at admission across CCGs for each care group
5. Produce box plots to compare weekly rate across CCGs for each care group
6. Plot histograms of age at admission and weekly rate and comment on the distributions of these
7. Determine whether In the FMH care group, the age at admission is higher in CCG W than in CCG X.
8. Determine whether the weekly rate of LD is higher in CCG W than in CCG X.
9. Are females more (or less) likely than males to be cared for at home?
10. Is age at admission correlated with weekly rate?

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