Strength and conditioning in sports

Advanced Methods of Strength and Conditioning Course Please view attachments Due June 7. Assignment 1: WK #1: Article Review: Motor Units Assignment 1: WK #1: Article Review: For Assignment #1 you will need to access the following article. Travis W. Beck, Jason M. DeFreitas, and Matt S. Stock, The Effects of a Resistance Training Program on Average Motor Unit Firing Rates, Clinical Kinesiology 65(1); Spring, 2011 3, pp. 1 – 8. Read the article. Answer the following questions in two pages, but no more than three.

1 .Define the following critical aspects of the study: i. Vastus lateralis….5 points ii. Electromygraphy….5 points iii. Motor Unit….5 points iv. Motor unit firing rate….5 point v. High threshold motor unit….5 points vi. Low threshold motor unit….5 points vii. Isometric contraction….5 points viii. 80% max voluntary contraction rate….5points

2. Can you develop any theories as to why untrained men may not have been the best subjects for this study? Can you make any further research suggestions based on subjects alone? Your answer must include the mechanism of DOMS and how it directly relates to this study. 40 points

3. After you have read this study, what is your opinion, based in science, about what causes increases in strength due to resistance training adaptations? There are two key mechanisms that we need here. 15 points

4. APA format, including a title page and reference page….5 points Submission Instructions: Upload your submission as a WORD document APA format and please be sure to answer all enclosed questions
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