select one story from Weeks 3 or 4, select a theme, and explain how this theme was developed and achieved by the author.  Use direct quotes from the story for illustration and support, but be sure not to summarize the entire story.  It is understood that we have all read the stories and know of them in some detail.

Find at least two outside sources that offers a critique of the story, of the author’s writing style, or anything else that you may find.  Be sure that it is viable source.  Do not use such sites as sparknotes, pinkmonkey, goodreads, enotes, or people’s individual blogs.  These are study guides and people’s personal insight into stories, not truly founded or publishable in any way.  Use the Farmingdale Library site to access such database searches as EBSCOHost, JStor, and others that are free through the College.

Offer a brief paragraph as to why you chose this theme – how it stood out to you, how it allowed you connect to the story in any way, or any other way that the theme moved you.  These are suggestions and examples but you may offer insight of any that you may have.

Do not inundate the essay with personal pronouns (I, you, we, us, my, me, mine, your yours, our ours) and do not fill it with personal anecdotes.  This essay is to focus on the development of the theme.

The paper will follow the MLA format.  A link to the Purdue OWL site was provided in the ‘important information’ (that you were to have read).  This paper will be three full pages in length (minimum).  Spelling and grammar count!  This is a college-level class and an English literature course.  More than nine (9) grammatical errors and the grade is a C- (at best).

A Works Cited page is required and, again, will follow MLA formatting.


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