understanding health illness and disability

Title: What are some of the key insights derived from understanding health, illness and disability from a sociological perspective? Answer with reference to one or more health conditions. Demonstrate awareness of relevant theoretical perspectives in support of your answer (e.g., symbolic interactionism, postmodernism, Marxism). ➢ In the introduction be sure to state what perspective(s) you will be applying, what specific health conditions/illnesses you will be examining, and what your central contention will be. Be sure to make an argument of some kind. ➢ Make sure you have a clear introduction, body, conclusion and reference section. ➢ Note that you are not to undertake any data collection on actual interactions observed (like making notes on social interaction or interviewing people), as we do not have ethics clearance to conduct field research as part of this unit. Only talk in general terms about health conditions – don’t talk about people you know.