workplace handout

You’ll write a Handout that offers your audience distilled advice about how to write effectively in the workplace. Your Handout should be designed to be speed-read; it should capture and hold your audience’s attention.  Your Handout should contain the essential lessons you learned in this class, as well as any other advice you might have learned yourself that you believe is crucial for writing effectively in the workplace.

Your Handout must contain at least the following content (though you can decide how best, and in what order, you deliver the information): 1) an explanation of building effective paragraphs,  2) an explanation of the writing process, 3) an explanation of rhetorical analysis and its importance, 4) an explanation of the principles of professional writing, 5) an explanation of the benefits of writing effectively, 6) an explanation of how to compel an audience, 7) and anything else you’ve learned or discovered on your own this term that feels essential.
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