Write about 10 different sexually transmitted illness, they symptoms and treatment for both men and women.

Choose 10 from these STI’s: 1. Chlamydia 2. Human papillomavirus 3. Genital herpes 4. Gonorrhoea 5. HIV 6. Syphilis 7. Trichomoniasis 8. Bacterial Vaginosis 9. Pelvic Inflammatory 10. Yeast Infection 11. Herpes 12. Candida 13. Hepatitis * No copy and past, rewrite in your own words. * Cite and reference your work, reference your citations (APA Style) no www, reference your work from credible source. * Paper must be APA Style, no running head, indent 3-5 space to show it a new paragraph, 12 font and Times Roman. * Write what the STI is, it’s symptoms for women and then writes the men symptoms. References APA Style * Write the author’s name 1st * Put the most recent year, if too many years. * Reference has to be in alphabetical order.