CHCMGT002 Manage partnership agreementS with service providers


  1. Describe the role of partnerships that exist within your organisation and/or industry sector.
  2. Choose three (3) partnerships that your organisation has currently established and outline the advantages and disadvantages of each partnership.
  3. Outline the name, type and level of each of the three (3) partnerships from question 2, including a brief description of the partnership with your organisation.
  4. All partnership agreements with service providers must comply with legal requirements and ethical guidelines. Provide four (4) requirements/guidelines and describe the reason for each.
  5. Choose one (1) partnership that involves your organisation, and describe the process involved with the following.
    • Identifying the need for the partnership
    • Building of the relationship
    • Development of the partnership
  6. Access the funding and accountability guidelines in relation to partnerships for your service. Provide a summary of these guidelines.
  7. How will or how has the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme across Australia impacted your organisation, and the current/potential service users in the following areas?
    • Referrals to your service and/or services
    • Development of networks
    • Meeting client needs
    • The potential on not being NDIS ready
  8. List and describe three (3) negotiation and influencing strategies that you could use when negotiating a partnership with an organisation.
  9. Provide three (3) strategies that you can use when anticipating or managing conflict in a partnership.
  10. Provide one (1) example of the benefits and one (1) example of the risks of information sharing in a partnership agreement. Refer to intellectual property in your response.