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Here at essay nexus, we understand that writing research papers can be complex. There is an amass of information available from journals to books and other internet sources, and being able to identify the relevant information and come up with a high quality research paper without plagiarizing can be distressful. Add this to other requirements such as following required formatting such as APA, MLA or Harvard among others and summarizing to a specific number of pages, and life becomes stressful. We do not, in any way, discourage students from writing their own research paper since it is a mesmerizing and educative process. However, we understand that coupled with other daily activities such as work, even the most skilled student needs some help.

This is what essay nexus endeavors to do. We help students at all levels of education to come up with high quality plagiarism free research paper. You can be sure that we are at your service.

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Unique content

Our research writers produce research papers from scratch, following provided instructions and requests. Our writers are equipped with the skills to generate a high quality research paper.

Total satisfaction

We assure you that you will love our service. With our quick and efficient support service 24/7, the support agents are on standby to answer all your questions and concerns at your request.

Money-back guarantees

If the writers fail to follow all the instructions completely or miss on some requirements, you can request for unlimited revisions at no extra cost within 14 days. This gives you the customer the chance to streamline any issues with the paper. The customer can also request a change of writer. However, if after all means the paper does not still meet the expected quality, you are free to request for a 100 % refund. After the refund claim undergoes the authorizations process, the money is deposited in the clients’ credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

Plagiarism free essay

Essaynexus writers are profoundly trained on how to conduct research and generate content from scratch. We are strictly careful to avoid plagiarism since we understand the harm it can cause to the client. All research papers thus undergo quality checks to check not only for plagiarism but also for grammatical mistakes. Our writers are also on standby to make any required amendments to the papers at your request.

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So, how much will it cost you to acquire a high quality research paper from While the prices start from $10, it can vary based on number of days, number of pages, education level, and other requirements. To save more, make your order earliest possible.

Use the “get a free quote” widget on the top right column to calculate your cost for free. You can also visit the order page for more information.

 Research Paper Help is now available

Well, to tell you the truth, writing a research paper is not as simple as conducting research. First, most research papers require the use of academic sources, thus discrediting the use of online sites. Our writers have access to a wide range of books and journal articles. You can thus be sure that your paper will be scholarly and will meet your academic needs.

Second, the wide range of sources used needs to be cited correctly using the required citation method. Our writers have a wide range of skills both in research and citation and will provide the help you so much need to your satisfaction.

Research paper help from specialists and other additional services essay nexus offer.

Our first priority is to provide high quality well-researched paper. To ensure the paper is perfect, and in line with the requirements, we offer other additional features.

Plagiarism report

While our papers are plagiarism-free, some clients have doubts, especially when it is their first time here. At your request, we can provide you with a plagiarism report at an extra $10.

Samples of your writer’s works free

If you are unsure of the expertise and skills of the writer we assigned your order, you can request for past research paper samples of his/her previous work. This service will ease your doubts and will cost absolutely nothing extra. We are committed to building trust through quality services.

Platinum  writers working for you

Writers’ skills and experience vary, which is why we have different classes of writers. While we assign orders to appropriate writers based on education level and complexity, you can also request for a platinum writer to ensure your paper is completed by a Top professional. This service will cost you an extra 30% of the base order price. This is because platinum writers get paid more than others.

Copy of sources cited in your paper

If you need copies of journal articles cited in your paper, we are happy to provide them. Trying to find these copies online is difficult and challenging, and since the writer has already sourced them, we can provide copies at no extra cost.

More Information on Research Paper Help

For more information, look through our site where you will find other tricks and tips on how to ensure your research paper meets the required threshold. We have quite a number of articles on research paper writing.

If after this, you still need help with your research paper, feel free to contact us through our chart, or contact us page. Our customer support agents are always on standby to help you with any questions or concerns. Feel free to ask any question concerning our research paper help or anything else concerning our services.

You can place an order at any time. Just fill in the details required, and you will receive a free quote. This is the price you will pay for your paper. There are no extra hidden charges. This price is for original customized content, editing formatting, referencing and any other requested changes

We look forward to working together with you now and in the future. Place your order now and sit back and relax as we take care of it. We take pride in helping you achieve your academic dreams.

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