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It is very fulfilling to undertake your assignments on your own especially if you have the time, but if you need an extra pair of eyes to offer an editing service and make improvements in terms of grammar, sentence structure, style, plagiarism, then feel free to contact us.

Features of our editing services

EssayNexus Editing Services

At times, when you are writing about an interesting or a topic you are passionate about, it is common to have many ideas and generate a paper in no time. However, the paper can be jumbled where ideas do not follow chronologically. In an academic paper, ideas need to flow and paragraphs well introduced, structured, and connected to each other. Just putting ideas down does not lead to an excellent paper.

Editing your own paper is also challenging in that knowing which words to add, to cut or how to interconnect sentences is a skill by itself, and it is what makes a great essay. We are committed to using your own ideas to develop an excellent and quality essay that will guarantee your high grades.

Can you edit my paper for me?

In the editing process, there are three significant steps which are undertaken by our competent and well-trained writers

Developmental/ Structural Editing

This is the overall or general flow of the paper and focuses on

  • The flow of ideas: Making sure ideas are interconnected
  • Language: Using appropriate words and language for academic writing
  • Readability and smoothness: Sentence structure and flow, passive voices
  • Further explanations for unclear content: making sure all areas are bright.

Copy/Line editing

This specifically focuses on the readability of the individual lines focusing on flow and punctuation’s.

  • Consistency in capitalization
  • Ambiguous and incorrect sentences
  • Correct punctuation and syntax


The last step of the editing process emphasis on each word individually and focuses on

  • Spelling errors and typos
  • Choice of grammar
  • Punctuation’s
  • Word choices

Any of the above steps are offered individually.

More information about our editing service

This service is perfect for people looking for their work to look professional. It is ideal for students at all level of education, creative writers or blog writers.  We do not limit our services and are open to editing any form of work from essays, to research papers and articles.

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